This is not equality

In Nigeria, gunmen kidnapped more than 100 schoolgirls and torched the surrounding town on Tuesday. A day before, a deadly blast killed 71 people. A day later, 18 people were killed in another attack.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department is laser-focused on . . . promoting homosexuality.

In 2011, former Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Obama directed all federal agencies working abroad to protect and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

To give an example how this shakes out, within hours of an arrest – and release the same day – in Uganda of an employee of a US-funded clinic for alleged “unethical research” and “recruiting homosexuals,” the State Department released a statement. This “heightens our concern” for the safety of LGBT individuals.

And the U.S. suspended operations of the entire health clinic.

Patients and health providers were not at risk by it being open. Instead, shutting down the clinic endangered patients.

This message sounds like, “Nice clinic. Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

Going by the Obama administration’s own statements and actions, LGBT rights is more than a priority. As delegates at the UN tell us, it is an obsession.

Girls who will be used as sex slaves for terrorists do not rank as high. Neither do Christians and other innocents slaughtered by the thousands in Syria and Nigeria.

None else get the full attention of every U.S. agency working abroad.

Endangering other people — literally holding their health and lives hostage — is wrong-headed. But thousands of innocent people who are being tortured, jailed, attacked for their religious beliefs deserve some attention and action.

This is not equality.

Reprinted with permission from Turtle Bay and Beyond